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Commitment to  Environmental Stewardship

Sewanee is a college with a strong commitment to environmental stewardship . From its diverse curricular offerings in environmental study, to the beauty and biodiversity of the 12,000 acre on-campus Domain Forest, to its campus sustainability initiatives, a spirit of conservation is found throughout the University.  Furthermore, as a school founded and supported by the Episcopal Church, this spirit goes beyond the school itself. In recent years, the church has formalized a commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability in theCreation Care ministry program

The Domain:  Sewanee's Forest


The Sewanee Domain is located at the southern end of the Cumberland Plateau which extends down through Kentucky into Tennessee and Alabama. It is the westernmost portion of the Southern Appalachian region. The biologically rich hardwood forests of the Cumberland Plateau are considered to be among the highest conservation-value forests remaining in North America today. The 12,000 acre forest includes remnant old growth oak-hickory communities and is popular with students and the public.  The Domain is used by the school’s Biology and Environmental Studies departments to conduct “outdoor classroom” and field studies.

Cross Creek Forest Dynamics Research Area/Franklin State Forest

The Cross Creek Forest Dynamics Research Area in the Franklin State Forest is right down the road from campus. As one of the oldest continuous forest dynamics study areas in the country, Cross Creek is curated by Biology Professor and SPIEL cofounder Jon Evans. For half a century, every tree and shrub in the study area has been measured and analyzed each decade, providing a rich dataset for scientists stuying long-term forest dynamics.  Dr. Evans has multiple research projects ongoing with both the Sewanee Herbarium and researchers at Tennessee State ranging in topics from clonal plant networks to mychorroizal fungi networks.  Click here to check out a brief video series about the work at Cross Creek. 

Accomodations in the Sewanee Area

 Although Sewanee in in rural Tennessee on Monteagle, there are several hotels and other lodging opportunities in the area.  The Sewanee Inn is within walking distance nearby.  Also near campus is the locally-owned Smokehouse Inn and the Quality Inn. The Edgeworth Inn is an converted old house that can handle 6-7 parties.  Thirteen miles from campus is the small town of Winchester, whihc has the Best Western and Quality Inn chains.  Also at the foot of the mountain are the towns of South Pitssburgh and Kimball with several hotels by the interstate. 

The Sewanee area also has numerous B and B's worth checking out. 

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